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Defend democracy, demand diversity, defeat poverty

our vote is our voice!

Voting rights serve as the cornerstone of our democratic values and way of life! Restrictive voting laws not only curtail your rights but also stifle your voice and suppress your ability to participate. Let's unite to resist the coordinated efforts aimed at undermining your access to empowerment, self-expression, and community representation.

Voting is essential and a fundamental right, a means of empowerment, and a way to advocate for positive change and equal representation in society. It allows us to contribute to shaping a more just and inclusive democracy for ourselves and future generations.

Steps You Can Take to Reclaim Your Vote

Step 1: Check Your Registration Status and/or Register to VOTE

Find out status here.


Step 2: Learn About Your Early Voting Options (DEADLINES)

ONLINE: Sunday, October 20, 2024

BY MAIL: Tuesday, October 8, 2024

IN PERSON: Tuesday, November 5, 2024


Step 3: Know Where You Vote
Some states have also made recent changes to polling locations. Find your polling place.

Step 4: Research Candidates
Researching candidates before casting your vote is crucial. This process will help you make an informed decision, understand candidates' qualifications, assess their character and integrity, examine campaign platforms and avoid misinformation.

Step 5: Reclaim Your Vote in EVERY Election
The coordinated effort to suppress the vote can be overcome by reclaiming your vote. By voting in every federal, state, and local election, you have a say in who gets elected, and, by extension, you have a say in what becomes law. This is how you Reclaim Your Vote.   

Find a local election or Register to Vote

Early and mail-in voting makes it easier for everyone to vote

While organizations like the Urban League fight to protect our right to vote, we can do our part by registering and voting in state and local elections. 

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