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Thank you for your interest in our Homeownership/Financial Literacy Series. Continue reading for more details about our workshop series and topics. Sign up today to receive invites to our upcoming online and in-person workshops.


In this workshop, participants learn the basics of budgeting and spending plans, how to read a credit report and what they can do to correct errors that may negatively affect their credit rating. Also, how to plan for the future, and how to take steps to manage their money in a way that makes them financially resilient. Sign up to today to receive notices for our upcoming Credit & Money Management Workshop(s).

Topics Covered Under Credit & Money Management
1.  How to Read a Credit Report
2.  How to improve damaged credit histories and scores
3.  How to build credit without creating large debt


The Home Buyer Workshop is designed to help future borrowers become better homeowners by explaining the process and challenges of buying and maintaining a home. QCUL educates the consumer about the homebuying process; providing information about down payment assistance programs when available; informing consumers of special loan programs and standard loan qualifications; and more.  The workshop simplifies the process so that the consumer can make the most informed decision about purchasing a home.  The workshop(s) see to answer for each individual, Are you ready for homeownership? and What counts when buying a home? The workshop(s) also include practical information to educate the borrower on what a mortgage loan is, how to calculate debt to income ratios, how to maintain a home and how to keep the home.  Sign up to today to receive notices for our upcoming workshops on homeownership!


Topics Covered Under Homeownership Workshop(s)
1.  The Mortgage Lending Process
2.  How to get Preapproved... The process explained
3.  Lending Options & Down Payment Assistance

4.  Renovation Loans


SMALL BUSINESS ENCORE (Additional Small Business Classes)

QCUL helps participants master business basics, tax preparedness, create and maintain a strong small business plan, as well as gain access to funding and resources to grow their business. Sign up today to receive notices for our upcoming Small Business Workshops?

Topics Covered Under Small Business
1.  Tax Preparedness
2.  Marketing & Social Media
3.  Business Credit and Lending Resources

4.  And more...

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